Jets and NNSWF Coaching Masterclass wraps-up

The Newcastle Jets and Northern NSW Football conducted a series of Coaching Masterclasses that concluded on Monday.

Northern NSW Football-s Coaching Masterclasses with Newcastle Jets head coach Gary van Egmond concluded with an interactive Q&A session at Newcastle University on Monday night.

Van Egmond, along with fellow Jets coaching staff members Craig Deans, Clayton Zane and Bob Catlin have conducted Coaching Masterclasses for Hunter-based football coaches each Monday night for the past five weeks.

The Masterclasses have comprised of the four key game training themes of attacking, defending, building up (playing out) and transitioning.

“There has been a little bit of everything,” van Egmond explained.

“There have been some topics that we-ve discussed, but it-s mainly been about constructing your session to make it applicable to the level of talent and age group.

“As a Club it-s not just about us concentrating on the Emerging Jets program, but everything that feeds into the Emerging Jets program as well.

“That-s why it-s so important that the coaches are educated properly, to make sure the young players in our region are getting the right information and right coaching.

“It-s great that they-ve given up their time to attend these classes and I-m hoping they-ve been able to take a lot out of it."

Northern NSW Football Club Development Officer Gary Fisher said he felt the five-week Coaching Masterclass had been a more than worthwhile exercise for all participants.

“We-ve had more than 80 coaches at most of the sessions, so it has been a fantastic experience for them to be able to get in front of Gary and the rest of his staff and learn a bit about their coaching philosophies and ideas,” Fisher said.

“The amount of positive feedback we-ve received from the coaches about Gary-s willingness to communicate and allow them to be involved in the session has been tremendous.”