Jets Fitness Insider

In the first edition of Jets Fitness Insider, Strength and Conditioning Manager Adam Waterson looks to pre-season.

It's great to be getting started with the players this Monday for our first pre-season session of the 2012/2013 season.

Again, we have a lengthy pre-season so it-s important to gradually build the frequency, duration and intensity into our sessions as we progress.

Initially we will perform a six-week block, increasing the number of sessions as we progress through the weeks.

With a number of new players coming into the group our first priority is to assess their health, movement and fitness levels so that we can begin to form a fitness profile for each athlete.

Through specific movements screens we are able to assess each player individually and identify areas in which improvement is required in order for them to perform more efficiently and minimise the risk of injury.

We will use the first few weeks to test the players on their skin folds, body weight, vertical jump and aerobic fitness through a VO2 max test and Yo Yo test.

Once the players have been back into training for a few weeks we then move into some more anaerobic testing such as a 30m sprint and general agility.

Aside from the testing, the majority of the field sessions will be performed with the ball.

Players will perform dynamic warm-ups to prepare the body for the demands of the session ahead and will then go into some passing drills and larger possession type games all with the aim of improving our players aerobic capacity.

Adam Waterson (Newcastle Jets Strength and Conditioning Manager).