JETS INSIDER - Adam Taggart

In this week's Jets Insider, Adam Taggart is answering questions submitted by the Club's Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, Young Socceroo Adam Taggart is in the hot seat answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Taggart discusses playing at the FIFA U-20 World Cup, the most memorable goal he has ever scored and Josh Brillante-s beard.

Willie Parker asks via email: Were you happy with the way the team played at the U20 World Cup?

Adam Taggart (AT): I think overall it was a good experience, playing against good opposition and I thought we performed quite well.

Having such a talented playing group, we definitely felt we could have gone a bit further in the tournament, but at the end of the day, I think the main thing we can take from it is the learning experience we gained over there.

Zane Wallace asks via email: How would you describe the World Cup experience? Does it make you hungrier to represent the Socceroos at a senior Men-s World Cup in the future?

AT: Big time. Even before the U-20 World Cup I think every player is hungry to play for their senior national team, but I think going to a U-20 World Cup is obviously another step that gets you closer to that.

After leaving the U-20 World Cup without showing a little bit more of what we can do, it definitely makes you hungrier to get in the senior team and hopefully play for Australia at senior men-s World cup one day.

James Schultz asks via email: As a striker, do you set yourself a target for the number of goals you want to score during a season?

AT: Not necessarily. Some guys like to set a target for the number of goals they would like to score overall, but I think that is probably not the best thing for me personally.

I prefer to just focus on each individual game and take each chance as it comes. If you end up with a couple of goals, then great, if not, I don-t think setting a target would have changed that.

Brad Smith: Is there any advice you can give a young striker who is going through a bit of a goal-scoring drought?

AT: I think the key is not to focus on the goal-scoring side of things too much, but just to focus on playing well for your team and the goals will come.

It-s important not to get your head down when you-ve missed a chance because they come along all the time and you never know how soon the next one will be, so you have to be ready for it.

Kyle Oden asks via email: During the World Cup we saw you play as a no.9, but for the Jets you have played out wide in a front three. Do you have a preference?

AT: I don-t necessarily have a preference. I like a change every now and then because I think it keeps me on my toes a little bit and it has probably helped me develop my game a little bit as well.

Whether I play out wide, as a number nine or even in behind the number nine, I enjoy all those roles and just try to do my best wherever I play.

Laura Wright asks via email: How do you think the experience you got in the A-League last season helped you and the other Jets boys at the World Cup?

AT: Obviously playing senior football a bit more regularly was very important going into a World Cup. It just helped speed up our development just a little bit more before we went over to Turkey, so it was perfect timing.

Owen Uila asks via email: What-s the most memorable goal you-ve ever scored?

AT: For me personally, it would have to be my first goal for the senior Socceroos. There is just something special about scoring your first ever goal for your country, so that is definitely a goal that sticks out in my mind.

Rachel Short asks via email: Which strikers in world football do you look up to the most?

AT: There are loads, but a couple of the main ones are probably Wayne Rooney and Jermaine Defoe. I watch a lot of the top strikers around the world and try to take a little bit from the way they play to shape my own game

Trent Lamb asks via email: Do you have ambitions to play overseas one day?

AT: I-d say most young players in Australia want to eventually play overseas. I want to be an established A-League player before I try to make that move, because I think that-s the best way to prepare yourself for that level of competition.

Josh Naravette asks via email: What do you think of Josh Brillante-s beard?

AT: I think it-s become a bit of a trademark now, so I don-t think he can shave it off. I-ve told him to put a bit of shampoo in there at least to clean it, so hopefully he does that!

Cameron Johnston asks via email: What do you do before a game to get yourself psyched up and ready to play?

AT: I just try to relax during the day of the game and probably only a couple of hours before, start to really focus on my role in the team for that particular game.

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