JETS INSIDER - Andrew Hoole

As the Newcastle Jets get to set to take on Adelaide United at Coopers Stadium this Saturday night, young midfielder Andrew Hoole answers this week's Jet Insider questions.

As the Newcastle Jets get to set to take on Adelaide United at Coopers Stadium this Saturday night, young midfielder Andrew Hoole answers this week's Jet Insider questions.

@C_MatthewsDarby via Twitter: You went from Broadmeadow Magic to the Jets, what advice would you give to young local players hoping to follow the same path?

Andrew Hoole: The main thing for me was about hard work. Even though you might not be the best player, if you work hard, you can always achieve what you want to achieve.

Trent Lamborn via email: Hey Hooley, good start to the season mate for yourself. What have you put it down to and what's your personal goals for the year?

AH: Thanks Trent. It has come down again to hard work and how much I wanted to make it into the starting team. My goals for the season is to maintain high standards and to stay in the starting team as much as I can.

Adam Mitchell via email: What is your preferred position to play as you have already played midfield, wing and even in the backs? / @lquiquer via Twitter: Andrew, what's your favourite position on the pitch?

AH: Right wing is my preferred position but I am happy to play wherever role Gary (van Egmond) wants me to play. I will do my job and do whatever role I am given to the best of my ability.

Ben Hunter via email: What has been your career highlight to date?

AH: Making my A-League debut is definitely a highlight as well as playing in the Under 20-s World Cup in Turkey.

@hecivan70 via Twitter: Andrew, were you in any Northern rep sides in your youth or did you just come through Magic juniors?

AH: I always tried out for the Northern teams but never made it, I came through the local system.

Robert via email: What players do you look at to model your game on?

AH: Not really any players in particular but whatever position I am playing, I like to have a look at a few players who play that position to take a few notes from what they do.

Karina via email: What do you like to do away from football?

AH: I like to go to the beach, hang out with friends, just relax and enjoy my days off when they come.

@DjTwitchx98 via Twitter: What is it like of working with an English legend in Emile Heskey?

AH: Emile is great for the team and for the Club. He has a lot of advise to give. As a young player, it is always good to learn from someone that has been there and played at the highest level. He is a great person.

Adam Mitchell via email: Hey Andrew, great work on cementing a spot in the team with a brilliant performance against the mariners. Do you want to go overseas if the opportunity arises?

AH: Thank you Adam. Every young player dreams about going overseas and that is definitely on my radar. But I am enjoying my time in Newcastle and happy to be playing at the Jets and if the opportunity comes one day, then I will think about it then.

Matt Lewis via email: What part of your game do you want to improve?

AH: There are a lot of things I can improve on but there isn-t one specific area to single out.

@johnnyddavidson via Twitter: What's going on with this terrible beard?

AH: (Laughs) I have a beard but it isn-t anywhere near Josh Brillante-s, not that I am going for that look.

Phil via email: Really enjoyed last weekend-s F3 Derby. How do you think the team will go against Adelaide this Saturday at Coopers Stadium?

AH: I think we will go really well. We have picked our game up over the last two weeks after the first two rounds. Last weekend-s game was especially positive, even though we let a 2-nil lead slip. Going into Adelaide we have a lot of confidence and if we play like we did against the Mariners, then we will be a good chance to win the game.

Thank you for all your great questions. Stay tuned for next week-s Jets Insider details.