JETS INSIDER - Craig Goodwin

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Craig Goodwin answered questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, Craig Goodwin answered questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Goodwin discusses the Jets- upcoming matches, his goals for the remainder of the season and his tips to make it as a professional footballer.

Ben Wilson asks via email: How important are the next few games for our top six hopes?

Craig Goodwin (CG): I think we-re at the stage of the season where each game becomes critical, so from here on in, it-s crucial we pick up as many points as possible.

A couple of wins in a row can see us jump straight up the ladder, but a couple of losses would put us in a bit of a dog fight to make the top six, so it-s a very important time of year.

Kayla Dobreva asks via email: Do you see the next few games as a good opportunity for you to try and cement your spot in the starting XI while some of the other boys are away on international duty?

CG: Definitely. It-s a very good opportunity and I-ve got to back myself and my ability now that I-ve been given a chance to cement my spot in the side.

Now it-s just a matter of me making sure that I take my chance.

Ryan Powell: You had your first start in a while against Perth on the weekend, how did you feel you went?

CG: I felt alright and I felt I was quite dangerous at times when I got on the ball.

It was my first start in 10 weeks, so hopefully with a couple more games under my belt I can get into a rhythm and then hopefully some goals and assists will come.

@Stephen76 asks via Twitter: Has Craig lost faith in his skills, or lost match fitness by not getting a game with the Jets?

CG: I-ve just focused on remaining professional and working as hard as I can in training. I-ve been pushing myself, doing extras and the like after training.

Also, I-ve played a couple of games in the NYL which helps to keep you ticking over, even though it-s not the intensity of an A-League game.

It is a bit difficult to maintain your level sometimes, but at the end of the day, you-re a professional and you need to do whatever you can to keep at that standard.

Hayley Green asks via email: What do you think is the main area for improvement to make sure the Jets get a finals spot?

CG: The main area for improvement I would say would be consistency. We-ve improved in that sense from last season to this season, but we can still get better and I think that will come as we get more games and experience as a squad.

@jordancassar3 asks via Twitter: Hey Craig, What's your best four tips of making it to an professional football player?

CG: Number one and most importantly, is work hard because there-s no substitute for hard work. Number two is believe in yourself. Number three is never give up, even when times are tough. Number four is to practice everyday.

@blackmac79 asks via Twitter: If Craig were a fan, how would he be travelling to the away #F3derby on Australia Day? Fan coaches?

CG: I don-t think it really matters how you get there, as long as you make it to the game! We had great support at Bluetongue Stadium when we played their last season and we-d love for something similar this time around.

The fans were excellent that night and it-s immense for the players when the away fans travel in big numbers because you see the effort they have made and that really lifts the boys.

Aaron Price asks via email: Why do you think we-re able to get on top of top teams like Brisbane and Melbourne but haven-t been able to beat Perth so far this season?

CG: I think it comes down to taking our chances when they come along.

Against Brisbane at home, we went 1-0 down and then capitalised on a couple of mistakes they made and then when we played them away, we took our chances then as well.

Against the Victory, we defended well away from home and scored a couple of good goals when the chances came.

On the weekend against Perth, we weren-t able to put the ball in the back of the net when the opportunity arose and that proved costly for us in the end.

Chris Fitzgerald asks via email: What advice do you have for someone who takes set-pieces?

CG: It-s all about practice and repetition, repetition. You-re never going to get every set piece right, but the more you practice, the more chance you have of getting it right eight or nine times out of 10.

@Stephen76 asks via Twitter: Who does Craig think has the best, and worst hairstyle, or sense or style? Best/Worst car? Habits?

CG: I think Adam Taggart-s hair style is pretty slick and I like what Ruben has done with his as well.

The worst car used to be mine, but now I think that title belongs to Joey Gibbs. As for the best car, that definitely has to go to our goalkeeper coach Bobby Catlin-s Porsche.

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