JETS INSIDER - Craig Goodwin

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Craig Goodwin is answering questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, Craig Goodwin is answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Goodwin speaks about training with Reading FC, the time he spent in Socceroos camp and his ambitions for the upcoming A-League season.

@boomshanka1976 asks via Twitter: How different were the facilities in England compared to Australia?

Craig Goodwin (CG): The budget that Premier League Clubs have over there allows them to spend more on top quality facilities. They could have up to eight training fields at one facility and they-re able to provide breakfast and lunch for the first team, reserves and youth squads every day.

It-s the money that they have over there, compared to A-League Clubs here that allows them to have the set-up that they do.

Harry Green asks via email: What was your highlight of the time you spent training in the Socceroos- camp?

CG: I-d have to say the practice games that we played in against Sydney Olympic and the Young Socceroos. It-s primarily a fitness-based training camp, but when we came into the games it was really enjoyable to be able play alongside that caliber of players.

Owen Sharp asks via email: We-ve seen guys like Tom Rogic go from the A-League to Socceroos in a fairly short space of time. Are you hoping to maybe be a bolter for the 2014 World Cup squad?

CG: From the time I spent in the Socceroos camp and the experience I gained while I was overseas training with Reading I was able to see how close I am to progressing to the next level.

My focus at the moment is to have a really strong season with the Jets first and if I can achieve that, hopefully I can push my way into the squad.

It-s a dream of course, but there-s a lot of hard work to be done between now and the A-League season before I even start think that far ahead.

Claire Piorkowski asks via email: How do you think your experiences during the off-season with Reading and the Socceroos will help you with the Jets this season?

CG: I think it will help immensely. For any player, going over to Europe and testing yourself at that level, training with a Premier League Club and then being included in a Socceroos camp gives you a lot of confidence.

Hopefully I can draw on that confidence and take it into the A-League season with the Jets.

Andrew Smith asks via email: Where do you see yourself playing more this season? Left-back or on the wing?

CG: For me personally, I-d like to play in more of an attacking role, but we-ll have to wait and see how things pan out during the pre-season and what not.

@boomshanka1976 asks via Twitter: Did Craig meet any of his heroes when he was in the UK?

CG: Unfortunately I didn-t get a lot of spare time with training every morning and evening, but I did get to watch Liverpool play who are my favourite EPL team, so that was really enjoyable.

James Walker asks via email: What areas of your game are you looking to improve to build on your solid efforts last season?

CG: I-d say there are a couple of areas. Physically I-d like to gain a bit more size and strength and improve the physical side of my game.

I think the main thing for me though would be my decision-making with my final pass and final execution. If I get that right, I think I can provide more goals for the team and score more myself, which will take my game to another level.

Christie Jones asks via email: The Emerging Jets mentor program started this week. What advice do you give to those young footballers hoping to follow in your footsteps and one-day play in the A-League?

CG: The best advice I can give them is just to work hard. If you really want to make it, you-ll do everything that you can to make it, whether that means doing drills and practicing skills on your own or whatever it may be.

When you-re at training make sure you listen to your coaches and soak everything up like a sponge.

Peter Walsh asks via email: Are the Jets players aware of how important it is for us to make the finals this season after not being there for three years?

CG: The whole team was disappointed with last season-s end result, not being able to make the top six.

This season we-ll be working as hard as we can in pre-season to get everything right on the pitch and hopefully we can put in the good performances next season to be able to make the finals.

Yelena Stojkovic asks via email: Are you worried at all that the extra training you did with Reading and the Socceroos once the A-League season was over will catch up with?

CG: I-ve had a three-week break since the Socceroos camp finished, so I don-t think it-s going to fatigue me or anything like that. In Europe they can play up to 50 or 60 games in a season, so I just see it as something you have to get used to.

I-m happy to be back in training now and I think we-ll be working hard as a team to make sure we peak at the right time.

Barry Anderson asks via email: How do you keep motivated for such a long pre-season?

CG: It-s easy for me to stay motivated. I love being here, I love training, I love playing and I just love the game so for me personally, it-s easy to stay motivated. The important thing is to channel that motivation to make sure you hit your straps at the right time of the season.

Thank you for all your Jets Insider questions.