JETS INSIDER - Gary van Egmond

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Gary van Egmond is answering questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, Gary van Egmond is answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Van Egmond discusses Friday night-s blockbuster clash with Western Sydney Wanderers, Emile Heskey-s contract situation and his thoughts on the Jets- performance this A-League season.

Paul Johnson asks via email: What are the biggest dangers for us against the Western Sydney Wanderers team this Friday?

GvE: They-re obviously a very good team and the table doesn-t lie. We-re going to have to be very, very vigilant to ensure the Wanderers don-t get any joy in regards to the counter-attack.

Stephen Bird via email: Emile Heskey, is he going to sign a new contract? Emile has stated that he wants to stay and wanted to sign before the end of the season.

GvE: From my point of view, I-d love to see him stay. At the moment it-s still in the negotiation stage and both parties are continuing to work through the finer details.

@boomshanka1976 asks via Twitter: Will GVE accept responsibility if the Jets don't make the finals? Does he feel he has underachieved?

GvE: Another good question. The buck stops with me 100 per cent. I think we-ve done well in certain facets this season, but it-s not the National Youth League we-re playing in, it-s the A-League and it is a results driven competition.

From a fan-s perspective, they obviously want to ensure we make the top six and qualify for the finals every year, so I can definitely understand the fan-s disappointment if that doesn-t occur.

I think we can see the development and improvement of the players from the beginning of the year to now. I think some of those players just needed to get more experience and along the pathway they-ve got better from a development and performance point of view, which is certainly one of the big positives to come out of the season.

@Tommyjet262 asks via Twitter: Hi Gary will you definitely be the manager next season?

GvE: I have a contract for next season and from my point of view I-m very happy here and I-m very privileged to be head coach of the Jets. If management choose a different course, I can-t control that.

Chris Darby-Matthews via email: Congratulations on another good year at the helm. What would be your highlight of your 2012/13 season to date?

GvE: I think the number of young players that have made their debut and the development of those younger ones throughout the season. The culture created by the older players and the leadership they-ve shown to help those young players develop has also been very pleasing. Those are the big things that I-ve taken out of the season at this stage.

Kelly O-Brien asks via email: Do you think it would have been a good idea to play all games at the one time this weekend, especially given how it has come down to the final round to determine the top six?

GvE: I think that-s the only way it should have been done to be honest with you. Some teams are going to have unfair advantages. There are going to be teams that can rest players and there are going to be teams that get more of a break before the Finals Series than others. It-s a bit of a strange one.

@boomshanka1976 via Twitter: Does GVE feel if he had managed his squad better earlier in the season then the @NewcastleJetsFC would be in the top 6 now?

GvE: That-s a good question. You can put it down to the fact that I haven-t managed it as well in regards who should play at certain times, but also injuries, suspensions and national team selections have contributed to being unable to have a consistent team all year. I-d say it-s a combination of both.

I suppose another issue is that certain players may not have been playing at the start of the season because they weren-t showing the sort of form they-re in now at that point in time.

We keep learning about the team and our players more and more each day and that-s something that-s always ongoing.

Ryan Poulter asks via email: I think Zenon Caravella has been fantastic since he joined the Jets, have you been pleased with him?

GvE: I-ve been very pleased with Zenon, obviously with his performances, but also in regards to his leadership. He fits in perfectly to the culture we-re trying to build here and he-s been a great addition to the squad.

Chris Darby-Matthews via email: Can you name any players you are looking into signing for next year? Both Sebastian Ryall and Rhyan Grant are available I believe and would be excellent additions to the squad.

GvE: We-ll only be looking for a minimal number of new players for next year.

Last year I think we had something like 14 different players coming in, where as next year it-s more likely to be around three or four because we already have our core group signed on.

For the mainstay, those new additions will most likely be in the front third.

@micksnees asks via Twitter: Hi Gary, have you been keeping an eye on Broadmeadow Magic's Jon Griffiths? Was player of the year last season, great local talent.

GvE: Jon was with the youth team here for a while. As you-ve said, he-s a good talent, but he left of his own accord to go to Broadmeadow.

I-m not sure if his changed his mindset, but maybe it-s been good for him to be at Broadmeadow and find himself enjoying his football, rather than having to deal with the pressure like he did when he was with the Jets youth team.

Kieran Dunlop asks via email: Who has been the biggest improver in the team this season?

GvE: I don-t want to single anyone out. There are obviously some young players who have developed really well and someone like Ruben Zadkovich has done really well, not only through his performances, but the leadership he-s shown.

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