JETS INSIDER - Gary van Egmond

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Gary van Egmond is answering questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets head coach Gary van Egmond is answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Van Egmond discusses topics including the Jets- start to the season, game day routines and the return of James Brown.

@skulzy87 asks via Twitter: Is it pretty exciting to think James Brown hasn-t played yet but we are creating so many chances and converting?

Gary van Egmond (GvE): Yes it is. Considering the start we-ve had and that we-ve still got someone with James- attacking quality to come back into the side, it-s very pleasing.

@phhilchhow asks via Twitter: Hi Gary, Just wondering, did your role at the AIS change your approach to managing the Jets this second time round?

GvE: I got more information down at the AIS about all facets of football. As a coach I now feel much more prepared for what my job entails as far as coaching is concerned.

Steve Walker asks via email: How important is video analysis in preparation for each match?

GvE: It-s very important and Craig Deans does a great job for us in that area. We would probably like to get more people to help us out with it because you can really delve into it a lot.

The amount of time it takes to collate the information for what might only be a seven-minute video is huge.

It can be a real benefit to the players from the perspective of better understanding the opposition through to the perspective of better understanding an individual.

There are a lot of good things that come out of video analysis. Not every player learns by sight, but video sessions are great because the players also get to have an input.

@Dafftii asks via Twitter: Hey Dutchy, do you remember the glory days training at Valentine Oval and Glendale athletics track in the old United kits?

GvE: I can-t forget those days and I have some very fond memories of that time. It-s good to see that we-ve progressed and moved on from that and there-s more professionalism in the Club, but I did enjoy that time.

@PeteAntcliff asks via Twitter: What is the game day routine for the team?

GvE: When we-re away, there-s obviously a different routine, but when we-re at home, the players are pretty much left to their own devices and they all have their own pre-match routines down pat.

I don-t like them getting there too early before a game, but some do because they need to get certain things done in regards to prehab and what have you.

@petreaxx asks via Twitter Gary van Egmond has invested in some pretty good players!! How long will Kennedy be out for with his knee?

GvE: We-re hoping it-s not too long, but it-s looking like it could be four to six weeks. We-ll know more once the surgery has been completed.

Michael Thompson asks via email: Has the start to the season exceeded your expectations?

GvE: No, not really. We-ve actually had three of our first four games at home, so we need to win those home games and look to get something on the road. It was pleasing that we picked up a win away to Sydney, but we haven-t flown to an away game yet and it-s going to be a real test against Perth this weekend.

I-m pretty well content with where we are and thought we-d be in this position if we wanted to do well this year. Four of our next five games are away and this is going to be a very important period for us.

@LukeD01_JBaus asks via Twitter: GVE,do you have a best 11 or will you continue to make changes weekly? Will Heskey and Bridges play together?

GvE: At some stage that may occur, but it will depend on form and injuries. There are a number of players who have sort of established themselves in certain positions already and it will be difficult for them to be dislodged, but you can never say never.

Alex Walsh asks via email: Different players respond differently to certain coaching methods. How difficult is it to find out what makes a player 'tick' so you can get the best out of them?

GvE: The thing is that you can-t treat them all the same, because they-re different personalities. There are times when you have generalise because it is obviously a team, not just individuals.

There are also times where you have to cater for individual needs because the personalities differ from one player to another.

Tyler James asks via email: What were the hardest away trips to make as a player back in the NSL and why?

GvE: Probably the hardest one was Melbourne Knights. We used to call their stadium the Hangar because it looked like somewhere you-d park aeroplanes. On the drive in there were burnt out cars and quarries and what have you along the way. It was certainly an interesting place to go.

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