JETS INSIDER - Gary van Egmond

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, head coach Gary van Egmond is answering questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, head coach Gary van Egmond is answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

He is quizzed on topics including his contract extension, junior development in the Hunter region and the signing of Alessandro Del Piero by Sydney FC.

Evan Gardiner asks via email: Having seen the local leagues and youth development systems over a period of years now, can you see a time in the near future where we will see a predominantly Northern NSW junior based Jets squad?

Gary van Egmond (GvE): On the back of announcing the Emerging Jets program, I certainly can.

I still don-t think we get enough of our juniors into Australian representative teams. It doesn-t necessarily have to be under 17s or under 20s, but you-d like to think eventually we-ll be able to produce local players who come through not only to play for the Newcastle Jets but the Socceroos as well.

That all needs to improve from a junior level and I believe that eventually we-ll have more representation from this area as a result of the Emerging Jets initiative.

@zacmoose asks via Twitter: GVE, if you had to coach another sport, what would it be?

GvE: I haven-t really ever thought about doing that, I must admit. I enjoy playing golf, but I don-t know if I could coach that with it not being a team sport and being too individual. I think I-ll stick to football.

@boomshanka1976 asks via Twitter: Do you think you earned your latest contract extension?

GvE: That-s fairly subjective and everyone has their own opinions. From the point of view of what Hunter Sports Group want me to achieve, not only in regards to the A-League team, but the whole development of the football Club, hopefully down the track people will see the value in it.

Ryan Nixon asks via email: What are your thoughts on the signing of Alessandro Del Piero by Sydney FC?

GvE: I think it-s fantastic. It gives the A-League added credibility and a lot more interest. To have a player of that ilk come to our country for two to three years is wonderful for football in Australia.

@lukedurbin asks via Twitter: GVE, what's your opinion on the marquee model? Is finding a marquee a priority for the Jets? Or have the Jets just had bad luck?

GvE: We won-t have what you would call a typical marquee player this season.

I can definitely see the benefits of a marquee in regards to Membership and sponsorship and what happens off the field. If you get the right marquee, obviously they can also play a significant part in your football team from an individual point of view.

I think it-s one where as a Club, you have to choose which way you want to go and do the benefits outweigh the cost both on and off the field.

@Pee_Coo asks via Twitter: What's the latest with James Brown's ankle injury. Is he out for Round 1? When is he aiming to be back?

GvE: He-ll be out for four to six weeks. Following the surgery we-ll get a better idea of when he-ll be back. With the type of injury he has, the recovery period is very important because if you come back too early, the injury could reoccur.

Aaron Lloyd asks via email: Would you ever considering coaching senior international football, whether it be the Socceroos or another country?

GvE: For sure, I love football. Right now though, I-m sinking my teeth into this project and I-m really enjoying it. It-s not very often you get the privilege of coaching in your home state and I have that.

I really want to put as much into that as I can, not only for the A-League team, but all the players that are coming through in regards to their football development.

@mheobmit asks via Twitter: Any chance of seeing Goodwin push further up the park so that he and Ritter can both play? I-ve been impressed with both of them.

GvE: There is a chance we could see that if we change the system we play slightly and that might even happen this weekend against Sydney.

James Grigg asks via email: Do you support an overseas football team? If so, who and why?

GvE: I-m a Liverpool supporter and it looks like it-s going to be another bloody long year for us. I supported them from when the likes of Alan Kennedy, Steve Heighway, Emlyn Hughes and guys like that were playing and they-ve always been the team I-ve followed.

Giselle Rauchelle asks via email: Who is your favourite footballer of all time and why?

GvE: I think there-s a few, but it-s going to be pretty hard to go past Lionel Messi right at this moment. He can just do things that other players don-t tend to do.

The most complete player I think I-ve ever seen was Frank Rijkaard. I think he was an absolutely unbelievable player. He could play in midfield, he could play at the back, he could play upfront and he could do a job anywhere. He could score goals, he could defend, he was a very versatile player with good technical skills and physical toughness.

In saying all that, for pure entertainment and for someone who can do things which no one else on the planet can do, I still have to go with Messi.

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