JETS INSIDER - Jacob Pepper

In this week's edition of Jets Insider, Jacob Pepper answered questions submitted by the Club's Members and supporters.

In this week's edition of Jets Insider, Jacob Pepper answered questions submitted by the Club's Members and supporters.

Pepper discusses his versatility, his preferred position on the field and his fledgling clothing label, What Is Art.

Rob Jones asks via email: Were you happy with the impact you made off the bench against Sydney? You were the closest we went to scoring all game!

Jacob Pepper (JP): It was good to get a bit of game time, because last season obviously I didn-t play a whole lot.

Last week I had a spot on the bench and I was just focused on putting in a good shift when I came on for that last 10 minutes.

Hopefully I can get a place in the squad again this week and do the same thing.

Paul Hughes asks via email: How is your clothing line going?

JP: It-s going really well at the moment actually. The hardest thing is just trying to get the name and the brand out there, but the orders keep on coming in, which is great.

It-s something I enjoy doing, so I-ll keep on coming up with some new shirts and designs for the summer.

Anyone interested in checking out the products that are already available should visit

Riley Stuart asks via email: Do you think that being a versatile player like yourself can sometimes make it hard to cement a spot in the team?

JP: I think it can make it a little bit harder to secure your own starting spot. Being able to play a few different positions, it can sometimes make it difficult for yourself and the coaching staff to figure out where you-re best suited.

If someone is playing in the same position week-in, week-out they can feel more comfortable there and settle into that spot.

In saying that, being versatile is also a really good thing, because it adds something to your game and means you-re always available to fill a hole if someone is injured.

@looklukesmith asks via Twitter: What do you study at uni?

JP: A Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics. All professional athletes should eat healthily, so it just gives you another area that you can work on to improve your game.

Josh Miller asks via email: You-ve played in a few different roles in the backline and midfield this pre-season. Which position do you see yourself most likely breaking into the first XI?

JP: I-d probably have to say in the fullback positions, either on the right or the left. I-ve spoken to Gary and that-s what he has told me as well, so it-s just about working on my game and getting used to that role.

I-ve played as a midfielder in previous years, but Gary has said he-s happy with me as a fullback for now, and that-s what I-ll be concentrating on.

Alex Fisher asks via email: Josh Brillante has really kicked on since he grew his beard, are you hoping for a similar effect with your hair?

JP: Yeah, I suppose. A few of the boys have actually started growing their hair long lately, so I think they-re all just trying to copy me. Josh Brillante says he wants to grow his hair like mine, so maybe I-ll grow my beard like his.

@mitchellox1 Rumour is that you have a girlfriend, is this true?

JP: (Laughs) No, I don-t have a girlfriend at the moment, but thanks for asking Mitchell!

Ashley Beckinsale asks via email: What-s it like playing with Heskey?

JP: To be playing in the same team as one of my childhood idols is great. With the type of person Emile is, you couldn-t ask for much better. He-s genuine, honest and has achieved so many things during his career, so it-s just great to have him as part of the Jets.

Dane Owens asks via email: Where is the best spear fishing spot on the north coast and what is your biggest catch?

JP: The best spot is probably up around the mid-north coast near Forster. My biggest catch would be a 101cm Cobia.

Tom Price asks via email: Have you noticed any changes in the squad this season compared to last?

JP: The main one I-ve noticed is we-ve had Nathan Burns and Kew Jaliens come in and they-re both quality and experienced players.

To have them added to the team is definitely a positive sign and hopefully they can show everyone what they can do on the pitch in the upcoming games.

Daniel Green asks via email: What are your goals for the season?

JP: Just to get as much game time as I can at the minute. It-s the last year of my contract and I-d love to stay in Newcastle, so hopefully I can prove to the coaching staff and Club management that I-m worthy of another contract and re-sign with my local Club.

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