JETS INSIDER - James Brown

In this weeks’ Jets Insider, James Brown answered questions submitted by Jets Members and supporters.

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In this weeks- Jets Insider, Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets midfielder James Brown is in the hot seat answering questions submitted by Jets Members and supporters.

Brown speaks about his career highlights so far, his ambitions at the Jets, missing out on the London Olympics, and whether he considers himself to be Blue or a Maroon.

Scott Phillips asks via email: What is your career highlight so far?

James Brown: I-ve had a couple that stick out. Definitely playing for my country in the junior levels is always special because it-s such an honour to represent Australia.

Also, making my debut for Gold Coast United in the A-League would definitely be up there as well.

Mitch Cole asks via email: You-ve scored a few great goals during your time in the A-League, what is your favourite goal and why?

JB: I-d have to say my goal against Wellington in the first game of last season. Before that game I wasn-t really in line to be a regular starter, so to get my season off to a good start like that was good. It helped cement my place in the starting squad for the rest of the year.

It also meant we we-re able to come away with a draw from that game, which is always better than a loss I suppose.

Dean Benson asks via email: Are there any footballers that you look up to or try to emulate?

JB: I wouldn-t say that there-s any one player who I look up to. From the games of football that I do watch I always pick up on certain qualities that different players possess. I try to apply those things to my own game to make me a better player.

@RickiiT via Twitter: Who was your most talented team mate at Gold Coast?

JB: At the Gold Coast it was Ben Halloran. I think we all saw what he was capable of last year and he did really well for his first season. He-s only young as well, so I think he has a big future ahead of him.

@RickiiT via Twitter: Who was your most talented team mate at Newcastle?

As for here in Newcastle I-d have to say Michael Bridges. Even though he-s getting on a bit you can see some of the qualities he possesses and some of the things he can do on the ball are excellent.

Chris Mann asks via email: Where do you see your best position being for the Jets?

JB: Definitely in the attacking third, whether that-s out wide or in the midfield. Personally, I-d rather be in a midfield role, but I-m not too fussed as long as it-s an attacking position.

Glenn King asks via email: Who have been the biggest influences on your career so far?

JB: The biggest influences on my career would have to be my Grandpa and my father as well. Without their support and them getting me to and from training and games I definitely wouldn-t be where I am today.

Howard Blackburn asks via email: With it being NAIDOC week and you being from an indigenous background, do you feel any extra responsibility to be a role model for indigenous footballers?

JB: It-s definitely something I want to look into more now that I-ve got a couple of A-League seasons under my belt.

I think being a good role model is something that does come with the territory being an indigenous footballer. There are plenty of indigenous boys out there in other codes who are doing a good job, but for me personally there were only a few football players to look up to that were indigenous when I was growing up.

From that point of view, football is definitely something I want to help promote within the Indigenous community.

Katrina Campbell asks via email: How-d you first get into football?

JB: I remember my sixth or seventh birthday and my old man came home telling me that he-d signed me up to play football.

I remember that I actually wasn-t too keen on the idea at the time, but after my first game I haven-t looked back.

Tom Moore asks via email: What are your ambitions here at the Jets?

JB: Hopefully I-ll be able to become an important part of the team and contribute with some nice attacking football and some goals.

From a team perspective, I think we have a squad that can be very competitive and hopefully make the finals on a regular basis. It would be great to win an A-League championship with the Jets.

William Aguilar asks via email: Will it be tough watching the Olympics from home knowing there was a chance you could have been there?

JB: For any player the ultimate goal is to play for your country and to be involved in one of the biggest sporting events in the world would have been a massive honour.

It definitely will be tough watching from home, especially considering how disappointing our qualifying campaign was. From a personal point of view it was hard missing a few of those qualifiers through injury and not being able to help the boys book our place in London.

Kieran Stuart asks via email: Having grown up on the border in Tweed Heads, do you consider yourself a New South Welshman or Queenslander?

JB: I was originally born in Sydney and moved up to Tweed Heads when I was two or three years old. Even though I went to the Queensland Academy of Sport and played for Gold Coast, I-m on this side of the border and definitely consider myself to be a New South Welshman.

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