JETS INSIDER - James Virgili

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, James Virgili is answering questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets winger James Virgili is answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Virgili discusses his aspirations for the coming season, what it is like playing alongside Emile Heskey and his recent goal-scoring form.

@joshholt22 asks via Twitter: Are you ready for a break out year after showing glimpses of what you can do last year?

JV: Last year I played a lot more A-League games than I have in previous seasons and there were games where I was good and there were games where I was a bit less consistent.

This season I-d like to be more consistent and it-s important to get a good pre-season under my belt first.

Alex Watson asks via email: You-ve scored four goals in the last two trial games, what do you put that form down to?

JV: I-ve made an effort to have more shots at goal, because if you don-t shoot, you can-t score.

Last season in the A-League there were times I got into good positions where I could have shot but I didn-t back myself to pull the trigger. I-m trying to be a bit more aggressive when it comes to shooting this season.

Sam Cole asks via email: What does it mean to you to be able to play professionally for your hometown Club?

JV: Ever since I was a little kid I-ve always wanted to be a professional footballer and to be able to do that in my hometown means a lot for me.

As long as I-m playing in this country and as long as Newcastle are happy to keep me, I don-t plan on playing for any other Club.

@Luke Battson asks via Twitter: What's it like to work with a legend such as Emile Heskey?

JV: Obviously I watched him playing in the Premier League while I was growing up and I never thought I-d have someone like him as a teammate. I just try to learn as much as I can from him each and every session.

Having him in the team is not just great for me, but also the whole town because he brings the crowds and plenty of excitement.

Pauline Smith asks via email: How do you plan to celebrate your first A-League goal?

JV: It will be an exciting moment and hopefully it comes soon. I don-t have a celebration planned for it, I think it will probably just be something off the cuff.

I-m not that creative when it comes to celebrations so we-ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Neill O-Brien asks via email: As someone who has come through the NNSW system, how important do you think the Emerging Jets program is for the region-s juniors?

JV: I think it-s great because now there-s a clear pathway through to the Jets A-League team from the under 12s.

In previous years, there was only really the Jets Youth team, but now Gary and the other coaching staff are able to see these kids from a really young age and help them develop to become A-League and W-League players.

Owen Clarke asks via email: Is it more exciting for you scoring goals or setting them up?

JV: I-d have to say scoring goals is more exciting, but you still get a big buzz setting your teammates up for one as well.

I haven-t scored in the A-League yet, so hopefully I can tick that off this season. As long as I-m playing well and creating chances for either my teammates or myself during a game I-m happy.

@peel_stephen asks via Twitter: Hi James, my daughter Bronte (11) would like to know what your favourite position on the field is?

JV: My favourite position is on the right wing or as a striker. I like to be able to stay out wide and high up the park so I can have some space to start dribbling at defenders to try and create something.

William Conway asks via email: As a Manchester United supporter, what did you think of the game against the A-League All Stars?

JV: I think it was great for football in this country for teams like Manchester United and Liverpool to come out here and play against A-League teams and to have 80,000 or 90,000 people at both was really good to see.

I though Manchester United played really well, but I thought the score line was maybe a bit harsh on the A-League All Stars. It was just great for all the fans who got to see those Manchester United players play live, when normally they can only see them on the TV at 3am in the morning.

Gail Rice asks via email: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

JV: I tend to put my right boot on before my left boot, but other than that, not really.

Warren Jones asks via email: Your pace and fitness are two of your biggest strengths, how do you make sure you get the best out of those assets during a game?

JV: It-s weird, because most players only have one or the other, but I guess I-m lucky enough to have speed and endurance.

It-s just about trying to pick the right time to use your speed to get at the defence. If I notice the fullback defending me is looking tired, I-ll keep trying to attack him.

If I-ve been up and down the line a few times and I-m tired, then I-ll look to pass the ball off so I-m not trying to take a defender on while I-ve got heavy legs.

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