JETS INSIDER - James Virgili

In this week’s Jets Insider, James Virgili is answering questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

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In this week-s Jets Insider, Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets forward James Virgili is answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

The 20-year-old speaks about trialling with Celtic, his form in pre-season and his ambition to be a first team regular in 2012/13.

Alan Stranger asks via email: You-ve had a good pre-season so far and have scored and set-up a few goals, what do you put the good form down to?

James Virgili (JV): I-ve probably just backed myself a bit more this pre-season and scoring goals is definitely good for the confidence. Hopefully when the A-League starts I-ll be able to score a few in the A-League and set a few up as well.

Kieran Smith asks via email: How do you think playing with the Jets youth team in the NBN State League has helped your development?

JV: I think in the State League you tend to get a bit more time on the ball than you would get in the A-League for example. That gives you some extra time to work on a few things and improve the weaker side of your game.

I think the main areas I can work on are my final ball, my decision-making and my communication.

@MattHiggins7 asks via Twitter: Do you think you will make the first team this upcoming A-League season?

JV: I think once we get our last signings the competition for places in the forwards will be pretty good. Hopefully as the year goes on I-ll be playing well and I-ll be able to work my way into the starting team.

Howard Blackburn asks via email: When you debuted for the Jets you were the youngest player to play in the A-League, what do you think you-ve learned since then?

JV: I think I-ve learned a lot on the football side of things in terms of positioning and understanding the game and what not.

I-m definitely a lot stronger than I was when I was 16 as well, so I don-t get pushed off the ball as much and obviously I have a lot more experience now as well.

Joe Dominguez asks via email: Do you prefer playing on the left or the right wing?

JV: When I was at the Jets early on I predominantly played on the left where I got to cut-in on my right foot and shoot quite a bit.

Probably in the last year or two I-ve been playing more on the right side and now I-ve been playing there a fair bit I probably prefer the right wing. Obviously it-s a lot easier to cross on your good foot and my left foot isn-t too bad so if I cut in I can have a shot with my left foot as well.

Joelene Campbell asks via email: Of the new signings, who are you looking forward to playing with most?

JV: I-d probably say Scott Neville, because I-m on the right-hand side and will probably be playing with him at different points throughout the season.

He-s got a good work rate and is up and down the line the whole time which gives me an opportunity to come inside and pick the ball up while he provides some width.

@MattHiggins7 asks via Twitter: Who is your favourite footballer and why?

JV: Cristiano Ronaldo. Probably just because of his determination to always want to be the best that he can and the fact that he always believes in himself. I love the goals he scores and the way he takes players on.

William Aguilar asks via email: What did you learn from your experience trialling at Celtic?

JV: They turn up to training at 7am and don-t go home until 5 o-clock at night. They train, they all do gym and they-ll all eat together. There-s just a difference in the football culture there and the professionalism side of things.

There-s not really one player there that was taking it easy. Every player puts in 110% every training session to try and get the edge on their teammates.

Nick Thomas asks via email: Your speed is obviously one of your biggest strengths, how do you stack up compared to the rest of the Jets squad?

JV: We did sprint testing the other day and myself and James Brown got equal first over 20 metres with 2.83 seconds. I didn-t really expect that because everyone in the team we have now are really quick and really fit.

Grace Anthony asks via email: Why do they call you Chilli?

JV: My Dad was always called Chilli as a child and my older brother got the nickname as well.

I think Ben Kantarovski was the first one to start calling me Chilli because his Dad and my Dad have been friends since they were kids and it just went from there I think.

Aaron Moloney asks via email: What are your interests outside of football?

JV: I-m at Uni and that takes up a fair bit of time, but other than that I just like to spend time relaxing with my family and friends.

Mitchell Clark asks via email: Did you enjoy going up against your older brother in the NBN State League and a couple of pre-season trial matches?

JV: It-s a bit strange because we-ve played against each other so many times before in the backyard and things when we were kids. I try to mix my game up a lot more when I play him because he-s been watching me for my whole life.

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This interview was exclusive to Jets Insider subscribers. Each week the Jets Insider will be sent to your inbox but you need to first register to ensure you get the news as it is sent. To sign up, simply CLICK HERE.