JETS INSIDER - Josh Brillante

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, midfielder Josh Brillante is answering questions from the club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, versatile Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets midfielder Josh Brillante is answering questions from the club-s Members and supporters.

Brillante is quizzed on topics including the Jets- finals hopes, the upcoming FIFA U20 World Cup and his beard.

Adam Schubert asks via email: Do you think not having many experienced players in the Jets squad this season has made things harder for the younger players like yourself?

Josh Brillante (JB): I don-t see it as a disadvantage at all. The older players that we do have in the squad show the way and set an example of how to conduct yourself on and off the field and shown us what we need to do to be starting on a regular basis.

I think all the younger players in our squad have been given the chance to develop a lot and improve this season, which is a really good thing and will be good for the whole club in the future.

@Robey_Boucher asks via Twitter: Hey Josh - which defenders did you admire growing up and who do you think are currently the best in the modern era?

JB: I was always a big fan of Fabio Cannavaro, especially the way he played during the World Cup in 2006. He captained Italy and they won the World Cup, so he was always an inspiration to me as a defender.

As for the best defender playing at the moment, I like Micah Richards from Manchester City. He-s a big, solid defender and a very good right back, so he would have to be one of my favourites at the moment.

@pll_lover01 asks via Twitter: What has been the best moment for you this year?

JB: I-d have to say one of the best moments was just playing my first game alongside Emile Heskey. I never thought I-d get the opportunity to play with someone like him while I was growing up, so that was definitely a standout moment for me and a big thrill.

Chris Darby-Matthews asks via email: You're 20 years old this year with a bright future ahead of you. What are your ambitions for your future and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JB: I think it-s every footballer-s ambition to play overseas in the top leagues in the world. Obviously to achieve that I need to put in a lot of hard work and perform well on a consistent basis for the Jets first of all and that-s where all my focus is at the moment.

Warren Jones asks via email: With the under 20s World Cup coming up in a few months, do you see that tournament as a big opportunity to further your career?

JB: Of course the World Cup is going to be a massive opportunity for a lot of young players like myself. There-s going to be the best players of my age from all across the world playing at the tournament, which means there will be coaches from everywhere watching as well.

It will be a great opportunity for all the players there to try and get a foot in the door and maybe get the chance to play overseas.

Oliver Pulman asks via email: Have you been surprised by the amount of playing time you-ve received since coming back from the Young Socceroos early in the season?

JB: I knew it would be hard to get into the team after coming back from the Young Socceroos trips after being away for so long.

When I got my chance, I just wanted to make sure I took it and from there I-ve just worked really hard to try and keep my spot.

@mcscott_ asks via Twitter: Keep the beard!

JB: I-m liking the beard too, so I-m definitely going to keep it!

Sandra Keen asks via email: As someone who can play in a few different positions, do you think your versatility gives you a bit of an advantage on the pitch?

JB: I like to think of it as an advantage, especially with the situation we-re in at the moment when it-s late in the season and there are injuries and suspensions. Being able to fill in a few different positions means I can help the team out if we have players missing.

Alex Kostantis: What were the main reasons for your decision to extend your contract at the Jets? It-s great to have you in Newcastle for a bit longer!

JB: I like the way all the young players at Newcastle are being given an opportunity and I like the style of football we-re trying to play.

I love the town as well. It-s a nice place and it-s on the coast, which suits my lifestyle.

Riley Quade asks via email: Josh, do you think if we manage to get into the top six that will still be able to give the finals a big shake?

JB: The way the season has gone this year, anyone in the top six could easily make the Grand Final. Some of the top sides have beaten us, but we-ve also beaten some of the top sides as well. It just goes to show if you make that top six, anything can happen.

@bus_baker87 asks via Twitter: Do you think GVE should be given the sack? Have the players got any trust left in him?

JB: Personally I really enjoy playing under Gary. He-s always giving us positive feedback and he wants us young players to play without any fear which is something we-re all buying into.

This season has been a good opportunity for me and a lot of other players to develop under Gary-s coaching and I think what we-re learning from Gary is going to hold us all in good stead for the future.

Narelle Houston asks via email: What do you like to do with your time away from football?

JB: Coming from the coast originally I really enjoy going to the beach and going fishing and things like that.

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