JETS INSIDER - Kew Jaliens

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Kew Jaliens answered questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, former Dutch international Kew Jaliens answered questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Jaliens discussed his impressions of the A-League so far, which Jets players have impressed him most and the most difficult strikers he has come up against.

Tom Wilson asks via email: How is the thigh injury? Will you be fit to play this weekend?

Kew Jaliens (KJ): Yes, I will be fit to play. I trained for the full session on Wednesday and the body felt good and the reaction the next day was also good, so now I am just looking forward to the game.

Niall O-Brien asks via email: We-ve seen a lot of quality Dutch players come to the A-League in the last few years. What sort of reputation does the A-League have in the Netherlands?

KJ: It is seen as a league that is growing and improving all the time. The Australian players in the Netherlands have a good reputation, they-re always fit players and hard workers.

Now the A-League is attracting more overseas players, the culture will change from a tactical point of view. Not only will the players in Australia be fit and hard working, but also capable of playing high quality football as well.

@soccer_joel asks via Twitter: What are your first impressions of the Club?

KJ: My first impressions have been great. It-s a great place to be, the people are nice and friendly and all my experiences so far have been positive.

@lquiquer asks via Twitter: Kew, early into the season how would you rate the technical level of the A League compare to the Eredivise?

KJ: It-s difficult because the reason we play so technical in the Netherlands is because they teach us from a young age to play in a certain way and what to do and what not to do. Football is the biggest sport in Europe and the whole culture is set on football.

Here, that coaching starts at a later age, so it-s harder to teach players those technical things. Like I said before, the A-League is always improving and that includes the technical aspects as well.

Kate Hill asks via email: How would you sum up the start to the season so far?

KJ: From the point of view of how many points we-ve got, it could have been better. The reason why I came here was more to help sort out the defence and I think that-s a good way to start and build a platform for the team.

From the attacking point of view, it is just a confidence thing. When the first ball hits the back of the net, the confidence will come from that and hopefully so will the results.

@SirMarkHughes asks via Twitter: The Jets are struggling with Heskey out, will his return prompt the Jets to up the pace and score some goals?

KJ: I think Emile coming back will have a big impact, because we will be able to play a few different types of games. For example, he-s strong in the air and he can hold the ball more up front, so that will give us more variety going forward.

Ryan Jones asks via email: What is it like playing for Gary van Egmond?

KJ: It-s been a very good experience. It-s always hard for me to judge and compare my coaches because they all have different ideas and I have played under some of the best coaches in the world.

Gary has all the fundamentals, he listens to his players and is still willing to learn. The qualities he has are good and he can only improve.

@C_MatthewsDarby asks via Twitter: Hi Kew. Loving your work so far. We've got loads of young talent in our team, which of them has impressed you the most so far?

KJ: I-d have to say Scott Neville. I-ve watched them all and he-s a very confident and solid player. He knows what to do and he goes full-on every day.

@danielahme asks via Twitter: In your short time with the team who have you became closest with?

KJ: I get along with all the boys very well, but I-m probably closest with Emile (Heskey), Mark (Birighitti) and Nathan (Burns).

@soccer_joel asks via Twitter: Who is the best striker you've ever faced?

KJ: The best striker I-ve played against would have to be (Lionel) Messi. I-ve also played with Robin van Persie and Ruud van Nistelrooy who are world class strikers and I was very glad they were on my side and not the opposition.

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