JETS INSIDER - Mitch Cooper

In this week's edition of Jets insider, Mitch Cooper is answering questions submitted by the Club's Members and supporters.

In this week's edition of Jets insider, newly re-signed attacking midfielder Mitch Cooper is answering questions submitted by the Club's Members and supporters.

Cooper talks about his reasons for re-signing with the Jets, his recover from knee surgery and his hopes for the season ahead.

Lloyd Owens asks via email: Was it a tough decision to re-sign with Newcastle? What made you want to stay?

Mitch Cooper (MC): I just tried to look at the bigger picture and see how much I-m enjoying it in Newcastle at the moment and that helped me make the decision.

The Club has shown a lot of faith in me at the moment, which is a big thing and hopefully I can repay that faith with some good performances in the A-League over the next couple of seasons.

@MattClark26 asks via Twitter: What is the best way for me to get better at kicking?

MC: The most important thing I-ve found is to always make sure you-re hitting the target when you shoot and to make the keeper work.

Once you get confident, you can challenge yourself a bit more by trying to hit the ball with more power and aiming for the corners.

Ian Stanner asks via email: As a young player do you get tired of people saying the Jets are too young to do well in the A-League?

MC: Absolutely. As a squad we realise the job we need to and we have the talent to do it, age doesn-t really come into it.

Being a young team is definitely not an excuse that we-re going to use this season and it-s up to us to prove ourselves. Last season was a bit up and down, but we-ve got the squad to do well in the A-League this year and that-s what we-re aiming to do.

Shaun Walker asks via email: How do you keep motivated when you-re trying to come back from a big injury like a torn ACL? Does it help knowing you-re still very young and you have time on your side?

MC: At first the fact that I-m still young didn-t really come to my head. I was just devastated because it is such a big injury and I knew I-d be out for a while.

Some of the more experienced boys had a chat to me and reminded me that I-m only 18 and I-ve got my whole career ahead of me.

I do feel like I-m missing out at times while I-m doing rehab and the rest of the boys are training, I-ve just got to make sure I work hard and do all my rehab work properly and I-ll be able to come out stronger than I-ve ever been.

Jason Hall asks via email: Do you follow any sports outside of football?

MC: I-m into basketball, I-ve always enjoyed my surfing and I don-t mid a bit of rugby league. I-ve always been a sports guy, so I-m interested in just about any sport really.

Kyle Smith asks via email: How do you think the Young Socceroos went? Was it tough watching knowing you could have been there if it wasn-t for bad luck with injury?

MC: I thought they did really well and played very positive football throughout the tournament.

Obviously it was hard watching because it was always in the back of my mind that I could be there if it wasn-t for my injury, but I was still cheering the boys on and I thought they were unlucky not to get past the group stage.

It was also great to see the Jets boys do so well while they were over there and I think it will give them heaps of confidence when they come back to Newcastle.

Ryan Tallon asks via email: What are your goals for the season?

MC: I just want to try and get back to full fitness as soon as possible and then obviously try and work my way back into the A-League side. If I can do that, I want to try and make and impact in games and hopefully bang in a few goals.

Jess Husic asks via email: What-s playing on your iPod right now?

MC: J Cole-s new album has just dropped, so that-s getting played a fair bit. I-m mainly into hip-hop and RnB music, but I also listen to a bit of alternative pop or any songs that get me going and get me pumped.

Paul Geno asks via email: Do you prefer playing as a central attacking mid or our wide?

MC: I don-t mind doing both jobs. I used to watch wingers like Ronaldo to see how they did their work and what they did to beat players and try to bring some of that into my game.

I think naturally I-ve always been a midfielder though. You have more of a opportunity to float around in that role and have an impact on the game.

Monica Deer asks via email: Which current or former athlete inspires you the most and why?

MC: I would have to say at the moment it-s Neymar. The flair and confidence he plays with as a young player gets the crowd excited and up on their feet.

People who aren-t even football fans can appreciate the talent he-s got, which is such a good thing for the sport.

Yvonne Brown asks via email: We saw Emile beat you in a sprint last year, are there any plans for a rematch?

MC: There are definitely plans for a rematch! I-m doing a lot of work on my glutes and quads in rehab to give me that extra bit of power and acceleration (laughs).

We might have to shorten the distance though, because I reckon I had Emile covered at the start of our last race, but once he gets those big, long legs going it was all over.

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