JETS INSIDER - Mitch Oxborrow

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, midfielder Mitch Oxborrow answered questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, midfielder Mitch Oxborrow answered questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Oxborrow discussed his strong pre-season form, playing for the Young Socceroos and his desire to break into the Jets- first XI.

Chris Gould asks via email: You-ve mentioned that a better attitude has been the key to your good form this pre-season. What do you mean by that?

Mitch Oxborrow (MO): I-ve definitely improved my work rate, especially the work I put in off the ball and that-s obviously helped me become a better player overall.

There-s always room to get better, so it-s just about picking out the areas of your game that you need to work on and making sure you put in the hard yards to do that.

Ryan Upton asks via email: You scored a few belters from long range for the youth team during the NBN State League, what-s the secret to scoring from distance?

MO: You-ve just got to keep your head down and watch the ball all the way onto your foot to make sure you make clean contact with it. After that you just hope for the best!

Len Cross asks via email: After seeing the four Jets boys do so well at the FIFA U-20 World Cup this year, does it give you added motivation to do the same in 2015?

MO: Definitely. I think being involved in a few camps in the lead up to the World Cup this year made me more determined to make sure we qualify again in 2015.

Hopefully I can take some of the experience I gained from those camps and use it to help get Australia into another FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Owen Young asks via email: As someone who has already played for the Young Socceroos do you feel a responsibility to be a leader in the current squad?

MO: Of course, especially as one of the older boys in the squad. I was made vice-captain while we were away in Spain recently so I definitely see it as my job to be one of the leaders in the group now.

I-ve got to do that through my communication and actions on the pitch and just by trying to be as professional as I can be off the pitch as well.

Kelly Smith asks via email: Is breaking into the first team one of your main targets this A-League season?

MO: It-s really my only target at the minute. I-m just focused on trying to get some game time and breaking my way into that starting XI.

I-ve worked hard in pre-season and hopefully that will hold me in good stead for the A-League season.

Jessica Campbell asks via email: What did you learn from making your A-League debut last season?

MO: One of the big lessons was to be comfortable when you-re under pressure. It-s important to be confident when you play and now I-m starting to get more confident when I-m on the ball.

I feel like I-ve developed since then and I-m a better player than when I made my debut, so I-m looking to show that this season.

@Brycesrant asks via Twitter: Hi Mitchell. If you let your hair grow, would you have and afro? Would you grow it?

MO: (Laughs) I don-t know really! I-ve never grown it long before, but I think it goes very curly, so maybe I could give it a crack.

@ZadsLads asks via Twitter: What do you think of Brillante-s beard? Is there anything growing in it?

MO: (Laughs) Who knows crawling around in there! Although to be fair he trimmed it a few days ago, so it-s probably a lot better now.

Michael Phipps asks via email: What things can you learn from going away with the national teams that you can bring back to the Jets?

MO: Playing against international teams, the opposition is always quality and there-s so much on the line every match, so you have to make sure you-re on your game all the time.

I think you get a lot of confidence from playing in international tournaments, so I try to bring that back to the Jets and just build on it.

Ben White asks via email: As someone who grew up in Perth, how have you managed with being away from home for so long at such a young age, first at the AIS and now in Newcastle?

MO: I think it-s important to make friends away from football, because that helps you settle into life in a new environment.

If you-re constantly in a football environment it will eventually start to be quite draining and repetitive and you-ll start to get home sick.

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