JETS INSIDER - Scott Neville

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Scott Neville answered questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, defender Scott Neville answered questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Neville answers questions about playing in a back three, his remarkable fitness levels and his performances last season.

Paul Olsen asks via email: Do you feel like you have something prove to Jets fans this season?

Scott Neville (SN): I started alright last season, but then I hit a bit of a wall and lost the consistency in my game.

I don-t think I fully showed what I-m capable of last season, so this year I-m hoping to perform a bit more consistently and play better to help the team win.

Alex Griffin asks via email: We-ve seen the team play with a back three in pre-season. How do you feel you guys at the back are adjusting to that system?

SN: Everyone is starting to get more used to it and feel more comfortable in that system. It-s good because it gives us another option that we can use in games.

It will be a big advantage for us during the season to have a few different systems we can use that everyone knows inside out and can adapt to quickly.

Brad Collins asks via email: How much did your groin injury hinder you last season and how is it feeling in pre-season so far?

SN: It hindered me a fair bit last season because it meant I couldn-t train and play at 100 per cent, which affects your confidence and is obviously very frustrating.

It feels a lot better and a lot stronger so far this pre-season and now I-m just looking forward to getting some more games under my belt.

@ZadsLads asks via Twitter: Dear Scott, are you as pacey in real life as you are on FIFA? FIFA Scott is rapid.

SN: (Laughs) Real life Scott is ‘rapid- as well.

Carl Hawke asks via email: Do you think playing three at the back will limit your opportunities to get forward?

SN: I think it will, but I don-t mind having that extra defensive responsibility. Obviously having a back four gives you a bit more licence to go forward, but when there-s three at the back it-s a bit riskier.

If either the right or left-sided centre-back go forward it leaves big holes in behind, so it-s important that we maintain our shape and don-t get caught out of position, which is something we-ve been working on a fair bit during pre-season.

Gareth Watson asks via email: What do you do in your spare time to relax?

SN: I play a bit of golf and I-m also studying business management, so that takes up a bit of my spare time. Apart from that, it-s mainly just hanging out with mates and having coffees and things like that.

Kiara Orwitz asks via email: Your fitness is obviously one of your main strengths, what do you put that down to?

SN: It probably has a little bit to do with my genes. I-ve always been fairly naturally fit, but I also do a lot of hard work at training and a bit of extra stuff on my own to make sure I keep my fitness levels high.

Trent Conway asks via email: Who is your tip to win the Premier League this season and why?

SN: Tottenham, because that-s my team!

Aaron Smith asks via email: How do we make sure we make the finals this season?

SN: Hopefully we can be a bit more consistent. I think that was one of the things we were lacking last season, so if we can do that, it will go a long way to helping us win more game and play a better brand of football.

Dean Cole asks via email: There were a lot of new players at the Club last season, including you. How do you think having a year in Newcastle under your belts will help you guys this season?

SN: I think it will help a lot. Everyone says that we have a young team, but I don-t look at it that way.

A lot of our players have got some good experience from playing with the Socceroos and the Young Socceroos and hopefully they can come back to the Jets full of confidence and show everyone in the league how good they are.

Danielle Harnish asks via email: What would you spend your last $5 on?

SN: Probably a latte with one sugar.

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