JETS INSIDER - Taylor Regan

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, defender Taylor Regan answered questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets defender Taylor Regan answered questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Regan discusses his goals for the upcoming season, playing in a back three and his recent engagement.

Trent Lamborn asks via email: Hey mate how are you going? What are your goals for the upcoming season?

TR: I want to play consistently and I want to be a leader. I-m 24 years old now and I-ve only played around 40 Hyundai A-League games, so by the end of this season, I hope to make it almost 60.

I also want to get Newcastle in the semi-finals and hopefully recapture that atmosphere we had in 2008 when we won the Championship. I remember watching that, so to be involved with that as a player would be unbelievable.

@hecivan70 asks via Twitter: Which of the current crop of youth players impresses you?

TR: We have a lot of good young players within the club, both in our youth team and also the first team.

Starting with the youth team, Brandon Lundy is definitely one for the future. He-s direct, he goes past players and he can score goals and that-s something you don-t see a lot of these days.

They-re some very good traits he has and hopefully he-s one that will really come through in the next 12 months.

In the first team we obviously have guys like Josh Brillante, Connor Chapman, Adam Taggart, Andrew Hoole, Mitch Cooper and Mitch Oxborrow who are all very exciting young players.

Hopefully their experience last year will hold them in good stead for this season.

Tom Ross asks via email: What are the key areas you-re looking to work on in your own game this off season?

TR: My one-on-one defending and winning my individual battles. At the end of the day you-ve just got to throw your body on the line and do everything you can not to concede goals.

We conceding far too many goals last season, and myself along with all the backline really want to change that statistic coming into this season.

William Pilkington asks via email: Hi Taylor, I-ve noticed you-ve worn the captain-s armband in a couple of our trial matches while Ruben was away with the Socceroos. What has that been like and is it something you hope to do in the A-League one day?

TR: Playing at the back, it-s easy to see everything in front of you and it-s easier to lead, talk and communicate.

That-s one of the aspects of my game that I have been working on and Gary has recognised that and given me the armband on a couple of occasions.

At the end of the day, Ruben is our captain and I-ll continue to listen to him and follow his lead. At the same time, it-s also good for other people in the team to be communicators and be leaders because you need that to get across the line.

@JZdraveski asks via Twitter: Taylor, were you as angry as all us fans that you weren't getting enough game time last season?

TR: Obviously last year was a bit frustrating. I didn-t get as many games as I would have liked, but Gary was very open with me about why I wasn-t playing.

Hopefully this season I can change that with the work I-ve been doing on and off the pitch.

@GaryFishNewy asks via Twitter: Taylor, how do you feel about 3 at the back? What are the key differences GVE has focused on in defence?

TR: Playing three at the back is teaching us how to defend in one-on-one situations.

It-s very good at teaching you to win your individual battle and I think that-s something we didn-t do enough of as a collective last season.

It also gives us a bit more versatility. If you-re chasing a game, three at the back obviously gives you a little bit more licence to go forward and makes us more threating around the penalty area when we-re attacking.

@BradfromRedhead asks via Twitter: Hey Taylor is it because you are from Dudley Redhead that you're a star?

TR: (Laughs) Obviously everyone from Dudley Redhead is a star!

James Wiley asks via email: Are you bummed out about not being able to play alongside Ljubo this year? Cos I would be.

TR: Ljubo is a great talent and I learned so much from him when he was at the Club. I get along with him really well and still speak to him on a regular basis, so I wish him all the best in Perth.

Christie Olden asks via email: I remember reading last year that you coach a local football team. Are you still doing it and how are they getting on this season?

TR: I-m coaching an under 15-s elite side at Charlestown City Blues. We-re in the Grand Final this weekend but unfortunately I won-t be able to attend because of our trial game at Weston.

They-re a great group of kids and they all work hard for each other. Their goal is obviously to play professional football one day and some of them are very close to making the Emerging Jets squad. I had two players from last year-s squad that made it and hopefully we get a couple more in there this year.

Hayley Clarke asks via email: Rumour has it you-re no longer on the market for the ladies of Newcastle, true or not?

TR: That-s true. I-ve been off the market for quite a while, but went a step further by getting engaged two weeks ago to my now fiancé Jess.

Paul Isling asks via email: In your experience, who-s the toughest striker in the A-League to defend against?

TR: Archie Thompson is always difficult as he is a threat both to feet and beyond, so you-re never quite sure what he-s going to do.

I-ve always considered guys like Daniel McBreen and Matt Simon difficult to play against because they-re always battling and challenging for everything with their never say die attitude. Plus they play for Central Coast, so I like to get stuck into them a bit extra!

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