JETS INSIDER - Zenon Caravella

In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, midfielder Zenon Caravella answered questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, midfielder Zenon Caravella answered questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Caravella discussed his partnership with Ruben Zadkovich, the Jets- finals hopes and his new hair style.

Ryan Thomas asks via email: What-s it like playing alongside Ruben Zadkovich? You too look like you complement each other very well.

Zenon Caravella (ZC): I-ve said it before, but it-s great playing alongside Ruben.

He-s a ball winner, he distributes it well and I think we both have that desire to really get on top of our opponents, which makes for a good partnership there in the midfield.

Jess Brown asks via email: Are you used to having no hair yet? Also, how did your wife react?

ZC: I am used to it now and to be honest, I-m loving it - it-s very low maintenance!

My wife was shocked at first, but she knew what it was for and she was happy that I had shaved my head for such a good cause.

@HALBanter asks via Twitter: You-ve had a great season! What do you put it down to? Has Clayton-s confidence in you helped this?

ZC: I wouldn-t say I-ve had a great season, because I-ve only just started playing regularly in Round 15. For the matches I-ve played, I-ve been feeling pretty comfortable and happy with my performances.

I think when a coach shows that faith in you and believes in you, it-s very important for any player to have that, so I owe a lot to Clayton.

Owen Young asks via email: How many points do you think we will need to finish in the top six?

ZC: We-re not looking like that because our destiny is still in our hands, whether we make the top six or not.

We-re thinking about how many points we need or doing the maths, we-re just taking one game at a time and looking to win each of those matches.

@RomseyCam asks via Twitter: Is reaching the finals series now the goal for the season?

ZC: Absolutely, it has been our goal all season. I think it-s very big for us that we-ve got three of our last four matches at home because that-s what any team would want.

We-ve really got to use our home ground advantage and the support of all our Members to win these games, because if we can get the results we-re after at home, the rest will take care of itself.

Sarah Voss asks via email: How is the wine business going? Have you made many trips to the Hunter Valley since you-ve been to Newcastle?

ZC: The wine business is steady, but it-s a very competitive market so it keeps you on your toes.

I-m really enjoying being so close to the Hunter Valley, I-ve been there a few times with the family and I-ll be making a lot more trips during the offseason.

William Parker asks via email: As a smaller player, what advice would you give to young footballers who get told they are not big enough to make it far as a footballer?

ZC: That-s a great question, because I heard that many times during my career.

Our style here in Australia is a fairly physical style, so you do have to adapt to an extent.

In saying that though, I think it doesn-t really matter how big you are, if you have the ability to keep the ball and not have to get yourself into situations where it becomes a physical battle.

Chris Chalmers asks via email: One of your strengths is that you read the play really well. Is there a way to practice/improve in that or is it just natural instinct?

ZC: I think being able to read the game just comes with time.

A big part of that for me was playing in Holland. That gave me a lot of awareness about where to position myself in certain situations and how to find my way around the field.

Lisa Watson asks via email: What are the main dangers we face against Wellington this weekend?

ZC: They-re a quick counter-attacking team and obviously Carlos Hernandez is a threat for them as well.

We also have to be aware of the speed of their wingers and make sure we-re ready to defend in transition.

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