Jets keeping recruitment options open

Gary van Egmond says the Jets still haven’t ruled out recruiting a foreign striker to bolster the Club’s attacking stocks.

Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets head coach Gary van Egmond says the Jets still haven-t ruled out recruiting a foreign striker to bolster the Club-s attacking stocks.

Van Egmond said the Club is considering a number of factors to ensure any player they may end up bringing to Newcastle is the right fit for the Jets.

“It depends on what becomes available,” he said.

“We-ve pretty well been down the track (of recruiting) a couple of times with certain players, but it hasn-t eventuated for one reason or another.

“We-ve got a couple of good options coming up again and they vary in price range and in quality as well.

“We-ve still got quite a bit of time, the first game isn-t until October 7.

“Ideally we-d like to have someone here now, but obviously we haven-t, but hopefully in the next week or two we-ll have some better news."

Van Egmond said the Club wouldn-t necessarily be looking to recruit a ‘big-name- marquee player, but rather a player who would be able to make a positive impact in the A-League.

“It doesn-t necessarily have to be a player that-s going to cost you a million dollars,” he said.

“Some players that we-ve been offered have been very, very high profile players, but I suspect that they might not be at the peak of their career and you might not get exactly what you want (out of them).

“Certain overseas players have come in who have been nowhere near that price and they-ve been extremely competitive and done extremely well with teams in the A-League.

“We-re looking pretty wide-spread as far as that player in concerned.”

Van Egmond said he was extremely happy with the squad he has already assembled for the 2012/13 A-League season.

“I think the fans want to see that the Newcastle Jets are very competitive and they-re going to have a real go,” he said.

“I can assure you with the team that we have right at this moment, we-re definitely going to do that.”