Jets looking to find their killer instinct

Gary van Egmond believes the Jets need to develop a more ruthless nature following Sunday’s 0-0 draw with Perth Glory.

Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets head coach Gary van Egmond believes the Jets need to develop a more cut-throat and ruthless nature following Sunday-s 0-0 draw with Perth Glory at Hunter Stadium.

As well as having a strong appeal for a penalty turned down in the 88th minute, the Jets created a swathe of clear-cut scoring opportunities against Perth, but had to settle for a share of the spoils following a number of near-misses.

"We created a number of opportunities and we didn't take them unfortunately,” van Egmond said.

"We could have given ourselves a better chance if we had have taken advantage of some set pieces and the opportunities that arose.

"We just have to have that real aggression in the front third and that desire to really put that ball in the net.

“When you have those opportunities against a team away from home, you have to have the killer instinct in that front third.”

Van Egmond said the Jets needed to find a way to regain their confidence and self-belief ahead of Sunday-s trip to Napier to face Wellington Phoenix.

"I thought there was too many times we didn't look for the right solution playing out against Perth,” van Egmond said.

"People looked nervous, not just us but also them. It looked like a game both teams didn't want to lose, rather than a team wanting to win.

"It was a warm day, which makes it more difficult for the players in regards to their movement, but still you have to have that stronger mentality.

"They need to come down on terra firma and start working for the Jets and getting results for the Jets.

"I am not saying that all the players are in that boat but there were a few that didn't put their hand up and have a real dip.

"I think it is nerves. I think it is about them trying to get more confidence from the perspective of the game, but at the end of the day we are all accountable and they have to make sure they turn up."

Van Egmond said one positive to come from the Jets- draw with Perth Glory was the performance of Michael Bridges in his return from a groin injury.

“The older boys in the team were fantastic for the mainstay,” van Egmond explained.

“Bridgey had a free role. We want to lighten the burden a little bit as far as his defensive responsibilities are concerned, so he had more of a free role coming in, being able to face up.

“A number of times he was able to get on the ball and it looked a lot like something was going to be created from that.

“A lot of times in transition I thought that we looked dangerous and we caught them on the break, but again, it-s about player movement, taking positions up which are going to be effective, playing one and two touch football and moving the ball quickly.”