Jets shattered after loss

The coach and players were shattered after the Newcastle Jets lost Friday night’s game against Perth in injury time.

Coach Gary van Egmond said he and the players were shattered after the Newcastle Jets lost Friday night-s game in injury time.

Needing a win to control their way into the final series, the Jets and Perth Glory looked to be headed for a 1-all draw when Michael Thwaite pounced on a loose ball in the box to give the Glory a 2-1 lead in the 92nd minute.

The Jets controlled most of the game and missed plenty of chances in front of goal, making the loss even harder to take.

"It's pretty up there in terms of being shattered for me personally," van Egmond said after the game.

"So I can only imagine what some of these boys are going through but it's a good experience for some of these younger players to go through to see that you have to back up and you fight for your wins and you have to keep working hard and keep that right attitude to ensure you're right for that next game.

"That's going to be a good task for them this week."

That task this week is Adelaide in Adelaide and the coach is hopeful midfielder Zenon Caravella and defender Sam Gallaway will both be fit to return.

As wins now become more important than ever, he is likely to be without marquee striker Emile Heskey, who is still recovering from a calf tear.

"We've made it very hard for ourselves now to make the finals," van Egmond added.

"It's a case for us going to Adelaide and getting a win and doing the same against Western Sydney.

"It should be great theatre, with so many teams vying to get into that top six."

The Jets resume training on Sunday and will travel to Adelaide on Thursday.