Jets swear for White Ribbon

The Jets have joined the White Ribbon campaign to stop men's violence against women.

“I swear to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women this is my oath.”

The Newcastle Jets have joined Australia's campaign to stop men's violence against women by swearing the White Ribbon Oath.

The Jets and Adelaide United will also wear white bootlaces in Friday night-s game as further support of the White Ribbon campaign.

White Ribbon encourages Australian men and boys to swear. The Jets, the strikers, the goalkeepers, the captain, the defenders, the coach have all taken the Oath.

The Oath goes beyond just clicking a button. It's a symbol of committing to stand up for the women in your life. It's an active statement which you make to the world. It's your chance to be part of real, positive change.

Take the Oath by clicking here.

White Ribbon Day is Friday November 25. For more information, click here.