In the third of a five-part series, we get to know a Member who has been with us since day dot, Ross Greig.

Ross Greig has been involved in the Newcastle football community for as many years as he can remember, supporting Newcastle teams from KB United to the Breakers, Newcastle United and now the Jets. Madeline Riley sat down with Ross recently to talk about all things Newcastle football and the best parts of being a Newcastle Jets Member.

How long have you supported the Jets?
I’m a Newcastle football fan, that would probably best describe me. Since the day they started I’ve been supporting them and I’ve been a Member. Whatever the nickname, whether it was Jets, Breakers or KB United, it’s important that name Newcastle stays. We just want that identity for the city and the club.

How did you become a Member?
It was just an ongoing thing, while ever there was a Membership available, whenever there was a club to support, I’m there. It’s as simple as that.

What’s the best thing about being a Member?
The match day atmosphere. The feeling of being optimistic. If things start to improve, so will Membership and so will the support and so will the numbers, it’s almost certain.

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What type of Member category are you?
I joined this year for the first time not in the Squadron, but normally, even if I sat at the back of the Squadron, I still wanted to be part of that atmosphere and noise. Let’s have noise and numbers and colour and that will spread like wildfire.

What are your best memories from down the years?
The game that we won to get into the Grand Final was probably one of the most passionate and exciting games I’ve ever been at, anywhere. That was when we beat Brisbane when it went to extra-time and then a penalty each - the place just rocked. There was something like 19,000 people in there going off their heads. That was the most emotional game. With that game I sort of felt a hurdle had been got over because the next game was the Grand Final and you thought well we’re here now, whatever happens happens.

Are you excited for the season to start?
I feel now we’re on the road to resurrection. We’ve got a damn good man that’s mastered football from a number of units in Lawrie McKinna and we’ve got a good coach and a good coaching set up.

Get behind the Jets as a Member like Ross Greig! Visit to view Membership options ahead of the Hyundai A-League 2016/17 season, or call (02) 4088 8004 to speak to a representative from our friendly team!