Men of Football's Best Player Round 19

Jeremy Brockie scored the most votes from Round 19 and now sits in equal first place with Taylor Regan.

Following each Newcastle Jets game the Men of Football nominate who they think were best on field for the Jets by allocating 3 points, 2 points and 1 point.

As Jeremy Brockie equals with Taylor Regan in the best player poll, this is the final week votes will be made public.

At the Jets final home game the winner will be announced and a representative from the Men of Football will then present a trophy to the highest ranked player.

The votes from Week 19 against Melbourne Heart were as follows:

Jeremy Brockie - 45 votes Tiago Calvano - 36 votes Jobe Wheelhouse - 28 votes

Votes year to date and as of week 19: Taylor Regan - 414 votes Jeremy Brockie - 414 votes Kasey Wehrman - 325 votes Nikolai Topor-Stanley - 301 votes Ryan Griffiths - 272 votes