NYL Profile: Damian Brosque

Get to know the stars of the future

Name: Damian Brosque Date of Birth: 23/2/1989 Birthplace: Sydney, NSW Star Sign: Pisces Where did you grow up? Bossley Park

What school did you go to? Westfields Sports High Do you have a TAFE, university or other qualification? Yes, Diploma in Personal Training Do you play any other sports? Golf Who is your favourite football player? Cesc Fabregas What is your favourite overseas club? Liverpool Which Australian football player do you respect most? Nick Carle What has been your most emotional football moment? Australia qualifying for the World Cup What is the best thing about playing in the National Youth League? The professionalism Who has been your most influential person to date? My brother - Alex Brosque What is your favourite colour? Blue What is your favourite TV show? Family Guy What is your favourite movie? Anchorman What is your favourite book? The Da Vinci Code What is your favourite band? Phoenix Who is your favourite individual music artist? Michael Jackson What are your favourite clothes? Flux clothing What is your favourite holiday destination? Greek Islands Do you have any superstitions? I put my left boot and sock on first