Positive outcomes from Active Support Forum

The Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets hosted its first-ever Active Support Fan Forum at Newcastle Panthers last Thursday.

The Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets hosted its first-ever Active Support Fan Forum at Newcastle Panthers last Thursday.

The purpose of the forum was to identify ways to ensure the continued growth of the Club-s Active Support base.

Following the Forum, the Club defines Active Support as:

“The passionate and vocal support of the team through cheering, chanting and standing for the majority of the match.”

Through songs, banners and tifo displays, our Active Supporters bring a truly unique level of noise, colour and atmosphere to Hunter Stadium.

The Jets, in conjunction with host of the evening Aaron Kearney, highlighted a number of key themes and action points raised at the forum:

1. Active Support is highly valued by the Newcastle Jets and its Members and supporters.

Home grown product Taylor Regan discussed the importance of Active Support from a players- perspective, describing how the energy and passion of the crowd can lift the players on the field.

The Squadron was identified as the backbone of the Newcastle Jets- Active Support base and a fantastic platform upon which to continue growing the Club-s Active Support.

The presence of the Squadron is considered integral to the success of match day and growing fans- support throughout other parts of Hunter Stadium.

2. Not every supporter is seeking the same match day experience and everyone-s needs should be taken into account. All participants agreed that while the Squadron is the most passionate Active Support area in the stadium, we want to encourage all fans to get behind the team and to participate in Active Support in their own way.

3. The Newcastle Jets aim to continue growing all forms of Active Support at Hunter Stadium to ensure the venue becomes a fortress for the Jets and an intimidating place for opposition teams to come and play.

It is widely agreed that the Squadron has enormous potential to grow and finding ways to be more inclusive of peripheral fans may be the key to that growth.

It is also important that Hunter Stadium maintains a family friendly atmosphere where people from all demographics can come and enjoy the football in a safe and fun environment.

4. Communication is key. Communication between the Club and the Squadron, the Squadron and other fans, the Club and other fans and the Squadron to its members. Further meetings will be held with the Squadron and other fan groups to address this.

The Newcastle Jets are willing to provide assistance, if asked, with the distribution of certain Active Support and Squadron-related communications. The Club commits to create an Active Support information page on newcastlejets.com.au and will investigate options for distributing song sheets on match day .

5. The Club will examine the current seating arrangements for Active Support at Hunter Stadium. Bay 2 will remain as the home of the Squadron and the place that houses the Club-s most vocal and Active Supporters.

There is an expectation that if you are in Bay 2 you are ‘active- and will stand and sing for the duration of the match.

The Club is investigating the possibility of making Bay 1 an additional Active Support Bay.

This will be the ideal location for those fans interested in getting a feel for Active Support, learning the songs and steadily integrating themselves into the Squadron.

6. The Club will explore a range of ideas to help improve match day atmosphere. These include:

-The position of the Squadron and how that relates to other fans (as noted above). -The use of “Never Tear Us Apart” as the team-s walk-out song and the timing of when the song is played. -Allowing the Active Support to build the atmosphere prior to kick-off. -How the transition from outside the stadium to inside can be enhanced. -How to include non-Squadron members in banner-making and other colourful activities. -The distribution of chants/songs and other methods of the Squadron/Club reaching out to other fans.

7. That we are the Jets family, we ultimately want the same thing - for the Newcastle Jets to be the most successful Club in Australia with the biggest support base and the envy of every Club in the A-League. We hope all fans can unite towards this goal.

Next Steps

To move forward these ideas and the momentum from the Active Support Forum, the Club propose the formation of an Active Support Working Group that will liaise with the Club on all Active Support related issues. This Working Group would be made up of representatives of all parts of the Jets family - families, non-active supporters, active supporters and the Squadron etc.

If you are interested in participating in the Active Support Working Group please contact media@newcastlejets.com.au.

The Active Support Forum was a positive first step by the Club to raise awareness of Active Support and to engage fans to help grow our Active Support base.

Everyone at the Club; players, coaches, administrators and fans should be excited about the new season and the potential of this great Club both on and off the field.

CLICK HERE for more information on Club Membership including Squadron Membership in Bay 2.

The Newcastle Jets would also like top thank Aaron Kearney for doing a fantastic job of hosting last Thursday's Active Support Forum.

Jets Supporters are encouraged to offer feedback on these action points in the comments section below.