VIDEO: Birighitti & de Marigny land Messi-esque goals!

Earlier this week you may have viewed a video of FC Barcelona superstar Leo Messi scoring a miraculous goal at Barca’s training ground.

Well, on Friday morning as Newcastle Jets finalised their preparations for Saturday’s fixture against Wellington Phoenix at Hunter Stadium, defender Jason Hoffman nailed a Messi-esque strike from behind the goal.

Unfortunately, Hoffman’s effort was not captured on film, so you’ll just have to take our word for it that it did in fact happen.

What was captured was goalkeeper Mark Birighitti’s reply – a curling, bending strike that saved the custodian from buying ‘Hoff’ lunch for a year. Clutch.

Then Jets Senior Assistant Coach Jean-Paul de Marigny had a go. Outside of the left boot from JP in front of a crowd of players? No problems!