Videos: Stubbins & Pepper pre #F3Derby

Newcastle Jets Head Coach Phil Stubbins and midfielder Jacob Pepper spoke with local media on Friday ahead of Saturday’s #F3Derby against Central Coast Mariners.

View parts of their press conferences in the carousel above. 


Phil Stubbins on the #F3Derby: “I think for both teams it’s a massive game tomorrow. As a consequence of that everyone is tuned in and ready to go.”

Phil Stubbins on the #F3Derby midfield battle: “I think for me ‘Mossy’ [Central Coast Mariners Head Coach Phil Moss] is probably going to go with [Nick] Montgomery and [Liam] Rose in the midfield with [Anthony] Caceres in front of them. I thought they did a decent job last week. For us and our boys it’s going to be a challenge in there but having said that the boys will be up for it. I think we’ve provided some real steel in there in the previous three games. We’re looking forward to more of the same tomorrow.”

Phil Stubbins on his post-session chat with Ecuadorian attacker Edson Montaño in the Hunter Stadium grandstand: “I took him up in the grandstand and said to him that ‘everyone that comes tomorrow I want them to leave with Edson Montaño on their lips’. He needs to come to the game tomorrow prepared to do everything he can to win a game for the club. He’s a big guy and he’s certainly got potential, and he’s put himself in positions to win games for the club but as yet we’ve not really witnessed that. I think he’s got his heart in the right place for the club. But in answer to the question of why I took him up there, I wanted him to feel it from a spectators’ point of view that when you’re out there there will be people looking at you, and I want them to speaking about Edson Montaño’s performance tomorrow.”

Jacob Pepper on the #F3Derby: “I am always looking forward to derbies and there has always been a rivalry between Newcastle and Central Coast so hopefully the fans can come out and enjoy the game.”

Jacob Pepper on the pre-match banter between John Hutchinson & Taylor Regan: “It’s good. ‘Hutch’ [John Hutchinson] has come out with a bit of banter and ‘Reegs’ [Taylor Regan] has hit back. Obviously we all respect Hutch as a player and what he’s achieved in the [Hyundai] A-League, but that’s why it’s a rivalry game and hopefully we can bring it out on the pitch and show the fans that it’s going to be a true F3 Derby.”

Jacob Pepper on turning improved performances into points: “Our last three matches we’ve been really close and we’ve been unlucky at times not to get the three points. But I think all the boys are ready for three points and hopefully we can do it tomorrow night.” 

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Newcastle Jets squad vs. Central Coast Mariners: 1. Jess VANSTRATTAN (Gk), 2. Scott NEVILLE, 3. Taylor REGAN, 7. Enver ALIVODIĆ, 8. Zenon CARAVELLA, 10. Travis COOPER, 12. Sam GALLAGHER, 13. Edson MONTANO, 16. Jacob PEPPER (C), 18. Allan WELSH, 19. Mitch COOPER, 20. Ben KENNEDY (Gk), 21. Ki-je LEE, 22. Daniel MULLEN, 26. Nicholas COWBURN, 27. Radovan PAVICEVIC, 28. Braedyn CROWLEY *one to be omitted*

Ins: 7. Enver ALIVODIĆ, 10. Travis COOPER (promoted), 28. Braedyn CROWLEY (promoted)
Outs: 5. Ben KANTAROVSKI (suspended – 1 week), 11. Andrew HOOLE (suspended – 1 week)
Unavailable: 15. Joshua BARRESI (knee – season), 17. James VIRGILI (ankle – 6 weeks) "

Saturday 28 February 2015
Match: Newcastle Jets vs. Central Coast Mariners – Hyundai A-League 2014/15 Round 19
Venue: Hunter Stadium, Newcastle
Kick-off: 5:00pm
Television: Live on FOX SPORTS 505
Radio: Live on ABC Grandstand & 1233 ABC Newcastle
Twitter: Join the match conversation using #F3Derby #NTUA